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Amy P. - TriStar CPAs

When Amy started working with us she already had clients and good staff in place, but she was looking for more monthly recurring CFO & advisory clients.

After 31 days of working with us, she was able to convert a lead into a new client that will be paying her $4,500 per month!

Because she followed our process this was 99% automated, which results in her still being able to spend time with her grandkids.

Andreea V. CPA & EA - AA CPA Connect

Before Andreea started working with us she got burned a couple of times with other marketing businesses. She never got in contact with business owners who were really interested in the right services and had money to invest.

Andreea was looking for tax planning and IRS representation clients. After two weeks of working with us, she attracted her first client that paid her $17,500!

By trusting us she gets appointments with business owners who're actually interested in working with her, and also have money to invest in her services!

Kirk Nickerson - Desena Nickerson LLC CPA

Kirk started working with us because his business grow was stagnating.

He had a great service that a lot of people could benefit from, but he just didn't know how to get in touch with people that were looking for his services.

After a few weeks of working with Accounting Kings we made sure that the phone was ringing again and Kirk was finally able grow faster and break his growth stagnation!

Vladimir Chery - Chery CPA

Before Vlad worked with us he didn't really know where to start on the marketing side of his CPA firm.

Vlad wanted to automate his marketing to get in touch with more business owners and wealthy individuals who needed his CPA services.

In a matter of a few weeks we managed to get Vlad in touch with multiple business owners and wealthy individuals who needed his services, who also became new clients.

After putting the campaign on pause for a week to make optimization changes Vlad directly noticed that his phone stopped ringing.

John J - Gloucester

John started working with us because he wanted to go full-time with his accounting business and stop his corporate job.

He was struggling to find quality leads that didn't waste his time, and he also didn't have the time or expertise to do his own marketing.

After just two weeks of working with Accounting Kings John already attracted his first monthly accounting client, and is now a big step closer to leaving his 9-5.

Ken F. - SP Tax Group

For Ken we ran a campaign focussed on getting more tax clients. He wasn't looking for the annual tax prep, but the higher ticket tax planning clients.

By using our predictable client attraction system Ken attracted three clients that paid him a total amount of $16,000+, after just one month of advertising!

Ingrid O.

Ingrid her goal was to start working full-time for her office in 1 year.

She was only attracting one client per month through word of mouth. This had to change because she had to pay the bills and she wanted to work at full capacity.

After one month of working with us, she attracted 7 new bookkeeping & tax clients.

 This would normally take her 7 months!

Cynthia E.

We got in touch with Cynthia after she worked with various amounts of ‘lead businesses’, which all didn't work for her. She paid too much, spent too much time nurturing leads and the quality of the conversation was very low...

This had to change because she wanted to hire her second employee, so she could work on the business, instead of in it. After we heard her story we knew exactly what we had to do. After implementing our system she attracted 25 new businesses to her portfolio, in only three months.

In those three months, she not only filled her empty calendar with work, but she also hired a new accountant a couple of weeks after! All of this in only three months...

Hendrika B.  

Hendrika had just started her own accounting office. Her client base at the time consisted of 10 clients in total, which only grew by one new client each month. 

She bought leads from multiple businesses, but she only attracted two new clients from those businesses, in four weeks, while she was totally over-paying for the amount of work she had to put in...

This had to change because her goal was to work full-time by the end of 2021 and to hire someone in the future. Together with Hendrika we implemented our system, and helped her attract 6 new clients in her first month!

No experience with lead nurturing and sales, just a system made for accountants.

Richard V.

Richard started working with us because he needed some extra cash in a short period because he got the opportunity to buy the firm of one of his competitors. Richard worked with multiple agencies and lead platforms, which got him a lot of leads, but no quality meetings.

After hearing Richard his story, we knew exactly what to do. Richard is extremely good at his accounting job, but doesn't want to spend his time nurturing 'leads', so we took over this whole process for him. After two months of working with us, Richard attracted 5 new high-ticket monthly revenue clients, which enabled him to get a 15% higher loan, to buy the firm of his competitor!

Get 5-Star-only reviews from your clients within just 48 hours, all on autopilot.

The conversations we have with our clients:

Get in contact with businesses that are looking for services prices at $4,500/ month.

Seth started working with us while still having a corporate job. After his first month he attracted a client that now pays him $1,250 per month and he also got a pretty cool QuickBooks Online fee!

Now Seth works full time for his own accounting business.

A phone call is scheduled today, a $1,200 deal is closed tomorrow. The awesome thing is, all the appointment with the qualified prospects are scheduled on autopilot!

Fill your pipeline with leads who have money to invest and REAL interested in the services you want to sell more of. All on autopilot.

We schedule an appointment in your calendar with a potential client in the morning, and you close a deal for $1,500 later that day!

Get in touch with qualified leads who are a perfect fit for the services you want to sell more of.


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